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We are making a diagnosis of client’s problems and solving them with ready to go solutions

WHY Life and Career discovery program -Discovering your WHY 8-weeks.
WORTH Defining Financial Goals program -Are you saving for your future self -6 weeks.
WELLNESS Mind Dump program-Creating a strategy for staying grounded-12 weeks.
Reasons why you could use Coach2U Services

You’ve been told that your talent in a particular area Is being wasted or unused, maybe you are overwhelmed by things that need to be done and don’t have the energy. Do you feel like you should be doing more in life; or wasting time on meaningless detail? Coach2U Coaches can assist you in discovering your WHY by formulating a plan and sticking to it. 


Regina Miles



David Claar


The DreamBuilder Program 12-weeks of transformation. The WLTHY CLUB- monthly goals class.







Coaching Sessions Offered by Coach2U Services

Our approach to Coaching Sessions Offered by Coach2U is designed to guide our clients toward success and wellness. Our main goal is to Inform, Impact, and Inspire. As a writer, author, and mind-wellness coach you receive first-hand strategies to overcome and discover your best self.

Writing books has become a passion of mine; a passion that spills over into my coaching skills. I wrote my books with the idea of wholeness in mind and as I listen to my client’s most desired needs, together we find solutions that a coach and client will be proud of. At the end of the program, you will know you have made the right choice!

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WHY, WORTH & WELLNESS PROGRAMS. Why discovering your career is tied to your purpose. Worth matters most when leaving a legacy. Wellness in mind for happiness and success.

Bonus Life-time Access to Weekly Tips on preparing food as an outlet for Mind wellness. (post via Glory Cuisines Instagram Food Blog & Mind Wellness Channel). 

From Wretched To Writer

A memoir of many imperfections written to inform, impact and inspire others to challenge themselves to overcome the odds that have stacked against them.

Please read lovingly…


Glory Cuisines Food Blog-Mind wellness channel.

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From Wretched to Writer, Confessions of a talkaholic

Freelance Writing

Let me make your life story come alive!

Catering to Connect

(Meet the Coaches) Free Food Events quarterly in order to connect with other like minded entrepreneurs.

  • I will help you remove the limitations of your mind and body, so that you will live a life you love.

  • It is simply a joy to see others overcome barriers in different areas of their lives” – Whether it be in their faith, financially, or wellness.

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Coach2U Services LLC


Regina G. Miles,

BA Psychology, AA FCOM 

NLP Practitioner-Mind Wellness Coach

Financial Empowerment Strategy

Frequently Asked Questions

Coach2U Services is a self-improvement, financial empowerment &  mind-wellness platform of Certified Life Coaches and Mentors.

The Coaches at Coach2U Services provide unique tailor-made strategies that anyone who desires to improve the quality of their life can use or if one desires to just gain a fresh perspective on the challenges they may be facing..

Coach2U Services will schedule a free 45 minute coaching session designed to pin-point a strategy for working on an area the client chooses to encompass. Some of our current packages cover areas such as health and wellness, self-improvement and career aligning, removing hidden blockers-to why, defining your deepest goals..

There are many benefits to working with a life coach. Gaining perspective on problems that you face, desiring to re-discover your potential. Improve coping skills, A life coach can assist you by zero in on negative patterns that could be hindering your over-all well-being or the life you desire to lead. (Note: Life Coaches are not therapists if you are facing serious mental health conditions you should talk to a licensed health care professional.) 

A Strategy Session is a 45 minute collaborative meeting focused on your desired results. Coach2U Coaches listen for detailed information as the client outlines what they believe may be holding them back in life. Afterwards the client is free to make an informed decision on whether to hire Coach2U Services or one of its affiliate coaches. If so an outline of the scope of work, a realistic timeline, and fair cost estimate will be discussed.  

  • when you will get back to them.
  • how to request the appointment – fill out a form, book into your calendar?
  • how the session will be conducted – phone, in person, video?
  • the duration of the session
  • the benefits of the call

(Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner & NLP Life Coach Certification.

As an NLP practitioner and coach, I help my clients set goals in a way that navigates the mind’s road blocks. Most people are so lost in habituated thinking and old patterns that they have forgotten their true power.

Neuro Linguistic Programming allows coaches to give clients back that power. We have the tools to help our clients transform their lives from within.

That’s just it” you don’t!  Coach2U Services Coaches are not only certified life coaches but also have experiences in overcoming their own difficulties. This is the only way a coach has the potential to aid anyone towards development. When it comes to coaching there are a myriad of options to choose from when it comes to solving problems. At Coach2U Services we believe we are unique because we care, we have a combined experience of over 15 years of both ministry and teaching. The owner of Coach2U Services is a self-described empath that simply has a unique ability to relate to clients well. By healing herself she has come to learn the common pitfalls of coaching and counseling.  

There are currently 3 packages to choose from our prices range from $400-$1,200

Or ($45 for 45 minutes) or ($75 for 1 hour) of one on one 1 result-topic sessions with a coach.

Or ($45 for 45 minutes) or ($75 for 1 hour) of one on one 1 result-topic sessions with a coach.

Note: 2-week trial packages and 4-month small group 10 or 20 all intensive coaching covers all 3 areas Why, Worth and Wellness (price to be determined at scheduling).


What do I do next?   Coach2U Services can be reached at the form below to request a free coaching session or via text 832-806-7245,  In a hurry send an email to address: [email protected]

You will receive the final completion package certificate for you to frame and keep as a reminder that you are an overcomer!

Discovering your WHY 8-weeks.
$800 -Why heal yourself in order to fully discover your life’s purpose is a (results focused) coaching package that is geared towards providing the client with support while we work on you becoming your best self. (2) 1 hour sessions per week.

Are you saving for your future self -6 weeks. $600- Worth defining goals program is a (results focused) coaching package that is geared towards getting the client the quickest results fast. Over a 6 week period both coach and client mind map for results. Each client wants different things i.e. saving for the future, retiring at 50 or maintaining long-term income. Together we discover your career and purpose so that you can reach your defining moment. (2)35-40 minute sessions per week.

Creating a strategy for staying grounded-12 weeks. the $1,200-Wellness mind program is the baby of the owner of Coach2U Services. It is the pillar to why all of this started in the first place. Mind-wellness is an area that is not only taught to others but practice daily; this means you grow while I grow. This program is longer because it provides longer support for lasting results. It is a (support focused ) package where we become mentors to otherwise healthy individuals who have simply hit a roadblock in life. You receive individual consulting while you develop your inner grounded Ness through mind-dumping.    (2) 1 hour sessions per week

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